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Self-taught Developer with over 2 years of experience developing for the web. Highly motivated, tech savvy individual with a lot of ideas in mind. Passion for continous learning of new web application frameworks and programming languages. Developing for the web is a passion of mine that sprung up when I began to wonder how the internet and building websites actually worked. Curiosity led me to the world of coding and I began teaching myself how to code by utilizing online resources to the fullest. I am continuously learning new web technologies, as it is a must-do for any kind of developer in the tech industry. Please, won`t you take a look at some of the web apps that I`ve built. You can also find my resume here.

... and I love my dobie

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I'm currently accepting new client projects. I look forward to serving you. I am also currently in search of work as a junior developer.

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Creative Ideas

I have great ideas in mind and am skilled at executing them in the work setting.


I build web applications that look and work greatly across different browsers and devices.

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I design beautiful things that communicate effectively in order to achieve optimal results.